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The Natural Health Council (NZ) Inc. has evolved from the NZ Natural Health Practitioners Accreditation Board (NZNHPAB) which was established in 1987 to set and monitor education standards for naturopathy, homoeopathy, herbal medicine, remedial body therapies and hypnotherapy. The new Council is a national, professional council which will include members from all natural health modalities with well-documented scopes of practice and high standards of education and monitoring of practitioners.

The Mission Statement of the Council is:
Promoting the highest standard of professional practice in the natural health field to ensure the health and wellbeing of all.

The Council is currently focusing on the following objectives:

  1. To promote and advance an understanding of natural therapies and natural healing both locally and nationally, and to both government and non-governmental groups.

  2. To develop a strong PR/lobbying arm to ensure a NHC response to media issues, making PR both reactive and proactive.

  3. To support and explore regulation – both statutory and voluntary.

  4. To promote a high standard of education for natural therapists in New Zealand by establishing the NHC as the peak body that NZQA consults with, approving practitioner standards and accrediting and approving education providers and their courses.

  5. To cooperate with any other council, body or persons with similar aims, standards and objectives.

  6. To support the development of a research culture in natural therapies.

Fee structures and indemnity insurance for members have been negotiated. Please go to Membership Information for details.

To contact the Natural Health Council by phone Anita on 021 0270 7706.